Warm weather to last until Thursday on Wirral & Merseyside

New Brighton at the weekend – CREDIT: Car Crusher Baz (Facebook)

High pressure is allowing warm, dry and settled conditions to develop across the region for the next few days.

Although not expected to beat our hottest recorded temp of the year so far of 18.9C, it’s still going to feel very warm across the region.

Temperatures of 16C-17C are expected to last until Thursday when cooler Polar Maritime air will sweep across the UK.

This will bring stronger winds, rain and temperatures nearer average for this time of year in time for the weekend.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 11.39.38
Warm weather to last until Thursday. CREDIT: Met Office

Met Office forecaster Emma Sillitoe said: “There is going to be plenty of sunshine around on Monday.

“It is going to feel quite pleasant again on Tuesday and through the week until Thursday when there is a slight change.

“We have cloudier skies and temperatures will start to dip away, towards the end of the week it will be more unsettled.”

INFO: We now live stream wirral weather conditions through our twitter app using Periscope, so if you have iOS why not follow us and tune in to our live videos from around Wirral.

WATCH our latest video of last weeks warm weather below:

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