50 people rescued from Hilbre Island on Sunday as thick fog blanketed Wirral

Hilbre Island on Sunday – Credit: Hoylake Coastguard

Parts of Wirral & Merseyside were blanketed by thick fog yesterday.

Temperatures dropped and drivers were advised to take extra care while travelling on the M53 motorway as visibility was dramatically reduced.

On Wirral both Hoylake and New Brighton coastguard teams responded to reports of 4 people lost in fog walking back from Hilbre Island.

Using sirens as a direction in which to travel, both teams were able to guide the 4 people to safety.

Recue underway at Hilbre Island. Credit: Hoylake Coastguard
Recue underway at Hilbre Island. Credit: Hoylake Coastguard

It soon became apparent that around 50 or more people were lost near the island and unable to make their way back to West Kirby.

With visibility down to 10 metres at times, RNLI beach lifeguards, the coastguard rescue teams were able to guide the other 50 people ashore who had lost their way during the thick fog.

A spokeswoman for the coastguard service said: “we had taken a call from someone who said they were trying to walk back to West Kirby from Hilbre Island but had become lost in the fog and didn’t know where they were.

“The team found the caller and the three other members of the group and escorted them to safety.

She added: “Other walkers on Hilbre Island unable to return because of the fog were then rescued by the team and taken back to West Kirby”.

We advise people to stay safe by checking the tide times and weather forecasts before heading out to Hilbre Island, you can do this by liking us on Facebook or following us on twitter.

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Yesterdays rescue teams

Look through our gallery of yesterdays fog below:

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