This Weeks Easter Weather on Wirral: Wet & windy start to April

wet and windy this easter week

This week is set to be a miserable week for weather on Wirral with strong winds and rain.

The final few days of March and into early April will, generally, be dominated by low pressure leading to the unsettled conditions.

Despite some drier and brighter intervals at times through the week, the overall theme is for an unsettled week ahead with some heavy rain, strong winds and showers.

Average temperatures of 8C and nightly lows of 5C are expected with wind and rain right up to Good Friday.

Tuesday and Wednesday are looking to see the worst of the the weather as the Met Office predict heavy rain and winds of over 50mph could batter Wirral coasts.

Weather front heads towards the UK – Satellite from 9am this morning

Have plans for Easter weekend ?

Good Friday will still see the unsettled theme continue with rain, but easter weekend is looking like the wind and rain could ease with cloudy conditions the main feature.

The weather will look and feel more bearable during Saturday and Sunday than what we would have seen throughout the week, with temperatures into double figures.

Charlie Powell, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “The weather will gradually improve through the coming week and while the Easter weekend is not likely to be sunny it will be an improvement on the current weather”.

Meteorologist Leon Brown at The Weather Channel also commented: “Good Friday is likely to be cloudy and wet.

“Pressure will build from the west for Sunday and Monday with drier weather and more sunshine.

“Easter Monday could be fine and the best day of the Easter period after a chilly start and early frost with light winds.”

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