Wirral Solar Eclipse: Will cloud cover ruin our chances of watching Friday’s rare event ?

Cloud may ruin a Wirral view

Currently forecasts suggest the best chances of viewing the eclipse will be further south and that cloud COULD ruin Wirral’s chances of watching the solar eclipse.

The best we can hope for at the moment is breaks in cloud on Friday morning to give us a glimpse of the eclipse.

Glenn Spencer, forecaster at Meteogroup said: ‘In the north the sky will be almost completely covered by cloud. However, it is still early and the situation could change by Friday. It’s luck of the draw at the moment.’

A Met Office spokesman has commented on what Wirral will experience if cloud does obscure our view:

They said: “People will still be able to see it get darker. You will be able to feel it and sense it but you might not be able to see it.

“It will be a gradually darkness and there will be no actual atmospheric changes to conditions.”

If cloud does block our view, then we will have to wait another 11 years for the next eclipse.

The next eclipse of similar magnitude will take place on August 12, 2026, with 95 per cent of the sun obscured.

However, if it is too cloudy its not the end of the world, the BBC will be broadcasting an eclipse special of stargazing live.

(Predicted cloud coverage for Friday morning)

We will keep you updated on the solar eclipse weather on our Facebook and twitter pages.

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