Weekend Outlook: Wirral could see warmest day of the year


Ideal weather for a trip on the mersey ferry on saturday

Spring-like weather is on the cards for much of the UK this weekend with temperatures set to rise.

It’s been a cold start to march with plenty of snow warnings and bitterly cold temperatures.

But some forecasters are predicting this weekends temperatures could range from 12C to 17C in parts of the UK.

There will be a bit of cloud and rain about on Merseyside on Sunday, so its likely Wirral will see the low end of the predicted temperature range, but it will still feel warmer than recently.

Met Office Forecaster Simon Partridge said: “It’s going to be a marked change and people will feel the difference.

“In some parts of the country people are going to be having a very pleasant day compared to the weather in the last few weeks.”

Here’s how the weekend is shaping up:


Mostly dry, cloudy with some sunny spells.

Staying windy but feeling very mild.

Maximum Temperature: 14C – Feels Like: 9C


Rain spreading south in the morning with colder weather following.

Rest of the day will see heavy cloud.

Becoming clearer towards late evening.

Maximum Temperature: 10 – Feels Like: 7C

This early taste of spring comes after the UK had it’s sunniest winter on record this year.

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