RNLI New Brighton lifeboat launched as members of the public try to save dog stranded in rough seas

Wirral coasts battered by rough seas last few days. CREDIT: Tom Munns

A high spring tide and strong winds have created big waves and dangerous conditions at costal areas of Wirral over the last few days.

And after another day of bad weather and rough seas on Tuesday the New Brighton RNLI lifeboat was launched after reports of a dog and persons in the water off Vale Park.

A HM Coastguard team was first on the scene to assist the members of the public in the rescue of the dog who was doing its best to survive in a cold and rough sea.

The lifeboat was launched and a few minutes later were able to get the dog on board the lifeboat, the crew did what they could to keep it warm and help it expel sea water.

The dog was taken ashore and still alive to a waiting Coastguard and vet at Seacombe Ferry.

All members of the public safely got out of the water but the dog died a short time later.

RNLI in action today CREDIT: RNLI New Brighton/Bob Warwick

A spokesperson for RNLI New Brighton said: “It is important that if a pet does end up in the sea that humans do not go in the water after it as they will more than likely to end up as casualties themselves and thus compounding a difficult and distressful situation”.

Our thoughts are with the dog owners.

The recent high tide has not only created big waves at costal areas of Wirral, but it also created an unusual watery scene at Parkgate over the weekend as the tide submerged the marshland.

Check out the rare scene in our video below:

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