YOUR PICTURES: High spring tide brings the water back to Parkgate on Wirral

Maxwell Thompson
High Tides: Waste Bin partly submerged by water at Parkgate. Pic by: Maxwell Thompson

This Weekend saw a ‘astronomical’ high tide at parkgate and created an unusual sight of water over what is usually marshland.

You’ve been sending in your pictures this weekend so we’ve created a gallery of the best ones.

READ MORE: Read some interesting facts about the marshlands of parkgate below.

Check out our gallery & video below of todays high tide scene:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s some Parkgate Marshy facts:

Parkgate was an important port from the start of the eighteenth century, in particular as an embarkation point for Ireland.

As the Dee began to silt up, Parkgate became unusable as a port and was superseded by the Port of Liverpool.

During World War 2 small lights were placed on the marsh to trick the German bombers into thinking settlements were below.

During seasonal high tides the water reaches the sea wall, and visitors arrive at the village to witness the unusual sight.

Bird watchers also come at this time to watch the birds usually hidden in the grasses of the marshland

 MORE: Read more on the Environment Agencies flood warnings for Wirral due to the high tides.

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