UPDATED: Freezing weather brings snow risk to Merseyside


Central Park in Wallasey was frozen over on Monday morning.

Last night was the coldest night of the year on the Wirral.

Temperatures are expected to dipped into the minus figures last night as parts of the Wirral woke up to ICE today.

Lakes across Wirral parks were frozen over as the temperatures dropped.

This was the scene in Central Park Wallasey yesterday morning:

Tuesday morning will start off very cold, temps will be around -1C at 8am as people make there way into work.

Due to the very cold nightly temperatures over the next few days, ICE could form on untreated road surfaces, so be aware.

Cold air will remain over the UK throughout the week and as this stays put a weather front will head across the atlantic containing rain on Tuesday night and into Wednesday.

As the rain collides with the colder air, what was rain will turn to snow.

At the minute forecasters are suggesting snow will fall over higher ground such as hills, but there is a chance of it falling as sleet or snow to lower ground on Tuesday night and into Wednesday.


ICE is a big feature this week

A Met Office spokesperson said: “Today will stay dry and very cold, with temperatures not reaching above two degrees.

“From about 8pm tonight there will be light snow and this will get heavier from midnight.

“It will continue to fall until about 7am so expect a covering when you wake up.

The further areas from the coast you live the more chance of this turning to snow.

The Met Office have issued snow warnings for Merseyside.

Wednesday and Thursday, some sunny spells and scattered sleet/rain showers throughout the day.

Staying cold, with overnight frosts.

Snow Chance: 60% – Highest chance of snow currently points to early hours Wednesday morning.

An amber Government Level 3 severe cold weather health warning – one step below a maximum level 4 red warning – is still in place on Wirral. 

MORE: Find out more about the Level 3 Warning here.

Check out your wintery snow pictures from boxing day in our gallery below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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