Weekend Weather: Chance of snow for Merseyside as Arctic air heads our way

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 18.05.36

9am Monday morning rush hour could get very cold

Last Updated: 8:51am – 17th Jan

Parts of Merseyside COULD see snow this weekend as temperatures are set to drop.

With winds generally from the north through Saturday and Sunday, cold air will be drawn down straight from the Arctic.

This will mean temperatures will be several degrees below average for mid January with a return to widespread overnight frosts.

As rain from the north hits the cold air over the UK this could turn to snow over areas of Merseyside on Sunday.

The average maximum temperature for the weekend will be 5C with lows of 0C.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 17.42.14

Predicted snow/rain radar for Sunday morning.

Heres how the weekend is looking:


A breezy and cold day for all areas with sunshine and with potential scattered wintry showers.

At the moment our predicted snow radar is showing the snow falling as sleet and rain.

Sleety rain showers could contain hail and possibly thunder.

Maximum Temperature 6C – Feels Like: -1C


Highest chances of snow for the weekend point to the early hours of Sunday morning.

As rain hits the cold wirral skies there’s a chance of a dusting of snow, although we should point out that at the moment it is showing up as rain/sleety snow on our predicted snow radars.

Sleet/snow showers will be short lasting and for some places hit and miss.

There are NO snow warnings in place at this moment.

Another cold day with sunny spells and rain showers, though showers less frequent than on previous days and becoming increasingly isolated through the day, with more sunshine.

Maximum Temperature 6C. – Feels Like: -1C

Next Week

Into next week there could be significant snowfall on the cards.

The Monday morning rush hour to work will start off very cold, temps will be around -2C at 9am.

Arctic air will remain over the UK and as this stays put, weather fronts will head across the atlantic and what was rain will collide with the freezing air turning to snow. 

At the minute we are not sure where the exact locations of the snow will be but predicted forecasts are making the situation look very interesting, what is known is that wherever sees snow, it could be heavy.

Some forecasters are saying it could be the coldest weather we’ve seen in the last 2 years.

We will provide a post dedicated to the snow situation nearer the time.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 16.36.03

Next week could see significant snow as a weather front collides with cold Arctic air

Check out our gallery from the last time the Wirral saw snow on Boxing Day:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

MORE: For now here is more information on the Level 3 Severe cold weather alert the area is currently on

MORE: End of an era as Liverpool Coastguard closes today


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