UPDATED: 60mph gusts predicted to batter the region again today

Latest storm satellite showing the size of the low pressure system thats to bring the wild weather.

Last Updated: 14th Jan

Heavy rain and strong gusts of 55- 70mph could be expected across Wirral the Met Office warns.

After a calmer period, high winds are expected to pick up around midday and into tonight. Gusts could even hit 75 mph at costal areas and over exposed hills this evening the Met Office has warned.

The region is on a yellow severe weather warning for wind and the Met Office expects the worst of the winds will hit the region from around 9pm last night until 8pm tonight.

A band of persistent heavy rain tracked over the region last night as the low pressure system hit the UK.

North Wales was battered by damaging wind speeds last night as Gusts of 93mph were recorded at snowdonia.

Throughout last night it seemed that the mountainous areas of North Wales was taking the full force of the storm and was acting as a wind breaker for wirral. This is probably why the Wirral saw 54mph gusts over night.

New Brighton could repeat dangerous stormy scenes today.
New Brighton could repeat dangerous stormy scenes today.

The Met Office has said: “From 6pm on Wednesday to 8pm on Thursday Wirral could see wind speeds of 50 to 65 mph, or even as high as 75 mph in exposed areas.”

They added: “As Thursday progresses the winds should ease off but there might still be the odd shower in the afternoon.”

Met Office forecaster Mark Wilson also commented on the approaching storm: “Rain is going to set in by around evening time wedneday before pushing eastwards through the UK into the night.

He added: “There are some very strong winds on the way across the whole country with winds picking up again on thursday morning lasting into Thursday night.”

Hoylake RNLI launched a search and rescue operation last night in dangerous conditions to search for a person reported to be in the river mersey.

It was the first time using their multimillion pound equipment and new lifeboat in the operation.

Andy Dodd, the full-time RNLI mechanic at the Hoylake Lifeboat Station, said:” We were able to launch into heavy seas faster and more safely than ever before. It is a wonderful piece of high-tech equipment.

Hoylake coastguard also joined the search but nothing was found.

Watch the footage of the search below:

Hoylake coastguard have also warned about the dangers of getting too close to the stormy waves:

“It’s not just water that gets whipped up by the wind at high tide, stones, rocks and other debris are also present. One cubic metre of water weighs one ton!”

They added: “Some facts people should consider when wave dodging or driving through breaking waves”.

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Coastguards across Wirral warn about the dangers of wave watching today.

Latest Met Office satellite animation of Storm Rachel:

Check out our dramatic storm gallery below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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