WIRRAL WIND ALERT – 230mph Jet Stream to bring strong winds to Merseyside

Met office jet stream path
Met office jet stream path

A very vigorous depression is likely to develop across the Atlantic in conjunction with the very strong  jet stream on Saturday.

Although Wirral is not on a wind warning anymore, the region is still bracing its self for high winds as Liverpool coastguard warned: “Our advice is keep away from the coastline. The weather is not going to be nice. It’s going to be rainy and cold so it’s not going to be a pleasant weekend. Just stay safe and keep away from those huge waves.”

Windy conditions will be felt as early as Wednesday in the north, but the winds will increase significantly late on Thursday and into Friday as the first of two low pressures passes to the north of Scotland. This system is likely to bring gusts of 80-90 mph in the most exposed parts of the far north of Scotland.

The low will move quickly eastwards on Friday afternoon, but there will be little respite before another rapidly deepening low brings further strong winds later on Friday and through the day on Saturday. Again this may bring gusts of up to 90 mph or more in the far north of Scotland.

This depression will be a larger system than Friday’s and the area at risk from disruptive winds may well be larger, so costal areas of Merseyside and Wirral may beat risk of Gusts of 50-60 mph. The winds should gradually ease from the west later in the day.

Estimated wind speeds for midday Saturday.
Estimated wind speeds for midday Saturday.

Mark Wilson, a Met Office forecaster, said: “It is going to be very unsettled on Wednesday and potentially again on Friday and into the weekend”.

“We could see gales, severe gales or even stronger gusts in exposed areas of the north with heavy rain, which because of the strength of the winds will move through quite quickly”.

In terms of wind on Saturday, gusts of 35-55mph are possible at inland areas of Merseyside and Wirral, with 60-70mph gusts possible around the coasts and over the hills.

Despite the severe winds, temperatures are expected to remain relatively mild for January and could reach 14C in parts of merseyside.

Frank Saunders, Chief Meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “The outlook for the next few days is very different to conditions last year when the jet stream was taking these storms right across the UK. Because the jet stream is further north, the storms will follow its path and this will mean the far north will see the strongest winds – while winds will be less strong in the south.”

The public should be aware that that disruption to transport and possibly power supplies could occur.

Costal areas of merseyside could be at risk of flooding due to large waves. Costal areas will also see the stronger wind gusts so keeping away from tidal defences is advised.

Ferry services could be cancelled so check with your travel provider incase of changes.

Ferry services could be cancelled due to the bad weather

The last storm the area saw was on the 10th December:

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