New Years Eve Weather

Temperatures will be a bit more bearable at midnight on new years eve.
Temperatures will be a bit more bearable at midnight on new years eve.

Cold, wet start to the first week of 2015.

NYE will turn more unsettled and less cold as the cloud and rain will return. During the day temps will be around 7C but the wind will pick up so the feel like temperature will make it feel closer to 3C. As the day progresses the temps will rise, so as we are all letting in the new year and setting off our midnight fireworks, the temperature across merseyside will have a more bearable feel than what we have seen recently, as temperatures are set to hover around 10C as the clock strikes 12. This means an 8 degree rise in midnight temperatures from the following night.

Week 1 of 2015

2015 will start off wet, windy and cold. It will remain wet for most of the first week of the new year, with the rain being very heavy in places and hail being a possibility. Temps will average around 9C so there will be a slightly warmer feel than what we have seen the last few days.

Merseyside and much of england is still on a level 3 severe cold alert as temperatures have dipped to near 0C, which can have a risk to life for the elderly or weak. Read more about the cold snap here.

Snow fell over areas on merseyside on boxing day and closed airports and roads. Look through our gallery of the best pictures that our readers took below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

MORE: Read our original report on the breaking news we released christmas day that it would snow on boxing day.

MORE: Snow falls on merseyside – Your Pictures

MORE: Icelandic wind blast on the way

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