ICY Icelandic wind blast on the way


Wirral issued ICE warning as snow still settles on the ground

The Wirral is still on a Level 3 severe cold weather alert as the region was hit by heavy snow on Boxing Night.

The Met Office say there is a 90% chance of severe cold, ice or snow in parts of England between this afternoon and New Year’s Eve.

From tonight and over the weekend temperatures could also drop as low between –4C and –6C

Tonight is expected to be very icy on the Wirral as temperatures drop and there is still some snow on the ground in areas, the region is currently under a yellow alert for ICE.

Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge said: “The weather will be of a wintery nature, possibly with some sleet and hail.

“But mostly it will be dry and clear – this means quite cold nights in the early part of next week.

“We look like we are heading into the coldest period of the entire year due to drifts coming down from Iceland.”

ICE warning

ICE warning

A Department for Transport spokesman said: “As winter weather grips some areas of the country we would advise people intending to travel to check weather and local conditions before they set out.

‘Strong winds will develop in places for a time, exacerbating the chill. As the low clears away southeastwards, cold air will move south across the whole of England giving a risk of wintry showers and icy conditions across England for the rest of Saturday.

Sunday to Tuesday, high pressure brings lighter winds but with widespread night frosts and freezing fog patches which may linger well into the day in places’.

They added, ‘Because this type of cold weather can increase the health risks to vulnerable patients and disrupt the delivery of services to those that need health support, a severe Level 3 warning has been issued’.

Look through our gallery of users snow pictures below:

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Krista Mitchell, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “This year as a whole has been very mild, so this could be the coldest spell that we’ve had.

“As we go towards Monday and Tuesday, we will see overnight temperatures really drop, with widespread frost and most places dropping below freezing.”

New Year’s Eve will see cloud, wind speeds pick up, so the feel like temperature will be lower than the actual temp of 6C 

The Level 3 Alert came as the Department for Transport urged people to check conditions before they set out in the car and take extra care.

Public Health England is asking people to look after ill or elderly friends and neighbours as the cold snap continues.

The weather is already having an impact on local A&E services, as sky news found in a visit to arrowe park hospital.

Watch the snowy scene in Bebington on Boxing Night:

Severe Cold Weather details & advice:

Stage: LEVEL 3 – This stage requires social and healthcare services to target specific actions at high-risk groups.

Prolonged periods of cold weather can be dangerous, especially for the very young, the elderly and those with chronic diseases or respiratory problems. Checking on elderly neighbours or relatives to make sure they are safe and warm is advised.

Please refer to the national Cold Weather Plan and your Trust’s emergency plan for appropriate preventive action.

If you want more information about how cold weather can affect your health please visit www.nhs.uk. If you are concerned about your health or somebody you care for, advice can be obtained from www.nhs.uk/winterhealth, NHS 111 or your local pharmacist.

The Met Office advise: ‘The public should be aware of the potential for disruption from snow. Please watch for updates to this warning. Especially if travelling’.

Local Services:

Wirral Council Social Care: 0151 677 6557

Arrowe Park Hospital: 0151 678 5111

Clatterbridge Hospital: 0151 334 4000

St Catherines Hospital: 0151 651 0011


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