This Weeks Christmas Weather




Mostly dry with some clear spells, although some showers will continue through the night, these wintry over the hills. Winds will ease and a patchy frost is likely Minimum Temperature -1C.

Christmas Day

Chilly to start with scattered showers. Becoming dry everywhere during the afternoon with plenty of sunshine, but feeling cold. Clear spells during the evening will lead to a widespread frost. Maximum Temperature 6C.

Day: Cold, Cloudy start, Chance of hail/rain showers in the morning. Turning bright and sunny early afternoon. High: 7C, Wind: 35mph. Night: Cloudy, Low: 2C

Boxing Day

Colder still to start Boxing Day, wet and windy weather arriving from the west later, lasting through Saturday.

Day: Cloudy start, light rain on and off throughout the rest of day. High: 5C Wind: 36mph. Night: Rain showers Low: 4C.

Snow Chance: It is possible that somewhere in the country sees some snowflakes falling on christmas day – the chances currently look highest for hills in the north.

Saturday & Sunday

Heavy rain and gales possible overnight and through Saturday, but drier and brighter on Sunday.

Get more details on christmas transport and weather here.



Official NORAD Santa Tracker


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