December Weather

Wirral snow in 2010 – Lever Causeway

Gradually getting colder. Largely dry and settled weather during the first week, but tending to turn increasingly wet & windy as the month goes on. 

December 1st-7th:

Largely Dry, Cold, overnight frost and fog will appear.

8th – 14th December:

Wet, Windy, Hail, potential for sleety snow. Average temps around 9C

15th – 31st December:

Looking like the cold wet and windy theme will continue. But at the moment we cannot say what the christmas day weather will be like yet. More updates as we have it.


A mild start to the winter is expected as we move into early December, with the first cold spell of weather potentially arriving during the second half. ‘Blocking’ areas of high pressure are likely to extend across Northern Europe, preventing mild air moving in from the Atlantic and allowing cold air to flood towards the UK. Even during the coldest winters milder interludes are possible and these are still expected at times so with an unclear forecast for the end of the month snow still can’t be ruled out.

Between December and the end of February colder than average conditions are expected overall and especially when compared with last winter, with a much greater frequency of winter weather which includes snow, frosts and below average temperatures. Just to note colder, settled periods of weather don’t necessarily mean snow, but if this clash between cold air and mild, moist air occurs over the UK, there will be the potential for some significant snowfall.

Still hopeful for snow on christmas day but this is looking increasingly unlikely, will provide updates throughout the month.

Uk Weather forecasts chance of Christmas Day snow map

Here’s our guide to the weather this winter

Vote if you think the wirral will see snow this christmas:

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 19.25.55

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