Guide to Winter 2014/2015

Could the Wirral see snow like in 2010 ?
Could the Wirral see snow like in 2010 ?

What will this winter bring: Snow, mild temps, storms, hurricanes, wettest winter ever ?

The Met Office have established five possible scenarios about how 2014’s winter weather could work out – and that being wetter than usual is looking the most likely of outcomes. This is based on the Met Office’s long range outlook for November to January that suggested theres an ‘increased risk of milder and wetter than average’ conditions. Weather fronts from the Atlantic Ocean could bring stormy conditions to our shores over the next few weeks due to the positioning of the jet stream. Professor Adam Scaife, a Met Office expert is quoted in the metro as saying, ‘The jet stream has recently got stronger and moved north, which could carry weather systems from the Atlantic right over the UK.’. Although this news is making grim reading at the moment, the Met Office do point out that these forecasts are based on the weather we have been having over the last few months and that the wetter than average conditions for this winter may not be the actual outcome. So there is still hope for a flurry of snowfall!

At the moment the christmas period could turn out to be cold & wet. 

Jet Stream – Red: Predicted position. Blue: Usual winter position.

The seven warmest years and four of the five wettest years on record so far have all occurred from 2000 onwards. A very wet December could mean one of the wettest years ever. If November and December see rainfall of more than 290.4mm which is just one-fifth above average this would surpass 2000 as the wettest ever. If the UK sees average rainfall over the last two months of the year would see this year rank as the fifth wettest ever.

So the answer to our question: Just put a brolly on your christmas list. Here’s 10 of the best fashionable brollies to buy on the market.

This all comes as Wirral Council puts into action its Highways Winter Service Plan which informs the public of what action to take during prolong periods of bad weather such as snow. This year they have 286 grit bins stocked up. 10 full size gritters and two mini-gritters available for use. Snow ploughs will also be available for use with each of the full-size gritters. All will be in use of cold, icy temperatures and for the worst case to fight against heavy snow.

Also, Wirral West Constituency Committee has chosen to launch a StaySafe, Warm and Well project this year which will help older people to stay safe and warm in their houses, reducing social isolation and protecting the most vulnerable as temperatures drop. It also helps vulnerable people to stay safe and connected to society when it is not so easy to get out and about. For more information about this phone Healthy Homes direct on: 0151 691 8114.


Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 19.25.55


Keep up to date on what weather in store for the wirral this week here.

We will have further updates in the upcoming weeks incase there are any changes in the weather.

Take a look back over years of some Lovely Wirral Snow Moments below.

Do you think the wirral will see snow this christmas ?. Take part in our poll: 

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