Wirral Weather Bonfire Night Guide


Here’s our guide to celebrating Bonfire Night on the Wirral. From what to expect in weather, to an interactive guide on where to find a council run firework display.

Halloween turned out to be the hottest ever!, with 22.3C being recorded in Kent. Unfortunately that warm weather hasn’t lasted and temperatures this week have dramatically dropped. However, the 5th November is still looking like a good night for bonfires and fireworks. The weather is set to be dry but cold on the Wirral. The day time temp will be around 9C. No rain is forecast so lighting your fireworks shouldn’t require much hassle as winds should be quite light too. Night time skies will be clear so this will make temperatures feel a lot colder, wrapping up warm will be essential if heading out as the night time low during displays could be as low as 5C in some areas.

BBC Bonfire Night Map

A Met Office meteorologist is quoted as saying: “Expect a widespread frost Wednesday morning. Temperatures may be as low as -4C in northern England and Scotland. A chilly, frosty Wednesday evening is likely too, but winds should be light so again, ideal for bonfires. We also advise people to dress appropriately for the cold weather if heading out to a display as temps will be low”.

The Met Office today (5/11/14) have issued a yellow warning for FOG tonight and into the early hours of tomorrow morning. This warning is from 8pm – 4am.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 13.20.53
Wirral FOG Warning

The Met Office have commented on the warning: “Patchy fog is likely to form during Wednesday evening and the first part of the night. Smoke from bonfires will also become trapped near the ground increasing the risk of localised poor visibility and increasing the risk of fog development particularly on low lying ground. Visibility could fall below 100 metres in some places for a time, before increasing cloud and wind helps to clear any dense fog later in the night”.

“Road users should be aware of the risk of localised and sudden deteriorations in visibility”.

The rest of this week will be wet and cold. 

Check out below where your nearest Wirral Council firework display is and what time it starts using this interactive map. Keep scrolling for a Met Office animation on previous Bonfire Night records:

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