Halloween Weather: Will it be trick or treat ?


So if your heading out this halloween, you’re in luck.

The Wirral is set to be hotter than Athens this halloween, with potential highs of 18C+, although it will be cloudy. This is due to some warmer air moving over towards the UK. The Met Office are quoted as saying: “Friday the best of the weather will come, with temperatures creeping up to 18C. It’s looking like it will be a dry day, although there might be some light patchy showers early evening.”

Some parts of the UK could see temps of up to 22C which would freakily make it the hottest Halloween on record. 

The current record was recorded in Dartford (Kent) in 1968, and Waltham Cross (London) in 1989, with a reading of 20.0C. The average maximum temperature for the end of October in the UK is around 13C so this Halloween will be well above average.

Temps are due to plummet after this in time for bonfire night as colder air sinks south, as seen in the BBC graphic below, so it will be certainly time to break out the winter woolies if going to a display on the 5th November.


Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 21.01.28

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